Stenlake Publishing - Medical Care in Dundee: <i>A History in Old Photographs</i>

Medical Care in Dundee: A History in Old Photographs

Author : Graham Lowe
ISBN : 9781840338577
Cover : paperback
Price : £10.95

This book charts the development of medical care in Dundee from its first hospital through to the state-of-the-art technology of today’s Ninewells Hospital & Medical School (on the front cover). The topics chosen include hospital, personalities, diseases, medical issues of the time and items of medical equipment. If you’re squeamish pages 8 and 14 are best avoided. The book is roughly chronological. Although the title suggests a specialised volume, while it’s a serious subject the book is an enjoyable as well as an instructive read. It’s also a book about Dundee. That might seem an obvious point to make given the title, but it includes a lot of insight on the development of the Dundee served and is a worthwhile addition to any local historian’s library.

Medical Care in Dundee: A History in Old Photographs

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