Stenlake Publishing - Liverpool Tramways: Volume 2 – 1933 to 1957

Liverpool Tramways: Volume 2 - 1933 to 1957

Author : Richard Buckley
ISBN : 9781840337037
Cover : paperback
Price : £20.00

This second volume starts at a time when the trams in Liverpool were making a fightback then looks at the war years which, though difficult because of shortages and bombings, also gave birth to new routes to factories serving the war effort. The post-war period involved austerity followed by atrophy then finally the closure of the tram system. The book includes two detailed route maps as well as looking at many of the individual services. Also included is an outline fleet list which completes this highly illustrated history of the lamented Liverpool tram.

Liverpool Tramways: Volume 2 - 1933 to 1957
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