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Irvine Then and Now

Author : Hugh Maxwell
ISBN : 9781840339123
Cover : paperback
Price : £12.95

This North Ayrshire seaport was for centuries the most important town in Ayrshire and was made a burgh as early as the 12th century, but the tendency of its harbour to silt up ultimately caused it to lose importance as Ayr, Ardrossan, Troon and Post Glasgow took its trade away in Victorian times. Irvine was still a bustling town though with plenty of fine old buildings and lots of work when the first of the old photos in this book were taken in the early 1900s. Thanks to the infusion of people and industry resulting from New Town status, Irvine has mostly been spared from post-industrial desolation and instead seen new development such as the Rivergate Shopping Centre and the 1976 £3.2 million Magnum Leisure Centre (pulled down in 2016 to almost universal dismay). As the title of the book suggests photos of long ago and not so long ago are compared with images of how it looks today and the reader can be the judge of which is better.

Irvine Then and Now

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