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Ferry Services of the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway

Author : S. Jordan
ISBN : 9780853615217
Cover : paperback
Price : £8.95

From a small contractor’s wharf at Shoreham Harbour the ferry services of the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway (LBSCR) grew to become the fourth largest railway-owned passenger ferry service in the United Kingdom. Following early legal setbacks the LBSCR quickly set up a thriving cross-channel service in partnership with the Western Railway of France, and later, with the London & South Western Railway, Portsmouth-Isle of Wight ferries.

In the 83 years the LBSCR was in existence it chartered, shared or owned over 125 different vessels, ranging in size from the largest cross-channel passenger ships to tiny pinnaces for passing messages in Newhaven Harbour. Some, the passenger vessels, were the height of luxury, whilst a few, the non-revenue earning coal hulks, were rotten and barely afloat.

In their various guises the company’s vessels carried over seven million passengers and 1.5 million tons of cargo on the Newhaven-Dieppe route alone. During the First World War 10 million allied troops and 11 million tons of war stores passed through the company’s port at Newhaven.

Ferry Services of the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway
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