Stenlake Publishing - Cumbrae Since the War

Cumbrae Since the War

Author : Walter Kerr
ISBN : 9781840331905
Cover : paperback
Price : £11.95

This unique selection of photographs comes from the collection of local photographer Walter Kerr. Walter has been taking pictures on Cumbrae since his return to the island at the end of World War II, after his release as a prisoner of war. Millport features prominently, with pictures of many well-remembered shops and businesses in the town, as well as the Old Pier in its heyday with a variety of vessels moored alongside. In addition there's the Cumbrae Club, curlers on the pond at the north end of the island, Glamorous Granny and Mr Millport competitions, and two photographs of the short-lived hovercraft service. Whether you're a local or someone who's enjoyed day-trips or holidays to Cumbrae, you'll find much of interest here.

Cumbrae Since the War

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