Stenlake Publishing - Cramlington its past and its people

Cramlington its past and its people

Author : Barry Stewart
ISBN : 9781840336542
Cover : paperback
Price : £18.00

Mainly dealing with the last 140 years and with special emphasis on mining and social history, this is an illustrated history aimed at the general reader. There is a bit of everything here, as you might expect in a book with 176 photos and 11 maps not too mention various other lists and diagrams and tables. Most of all though the focus is on the people of the town. The book charts the development from the village of the 1890s to the new town of the 1960s. Sections include farms, collieries, the brickworks, strikes, housing, religion, sport and the aerodrome. Each section is peppered with great photographs. Maps, poetry and various lists are included also making this a well-considered addition to Northumberland's local history.

Cramlington its past and its people

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