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The Story of Australian Migrant Ships: From Convicts to £10 poms

Niagara Falls an illustrated history by Alex F Young

A Keen Eye Fact and Folklore on Scottish Highland Cattle

Pinfire Pistols, Revolvers and Ammunition Handbook

Wings over India

Smitten By Gold! The Highs and Lows of Amateur Gold Panning

Charles Rennie Mackintoshs Italy

Wings over Karachi

Old Zimbabwes Railways and More

A Pictorial Guide to Alpine Railways

Reseau Breton - A Rail Network in Brittany

Tortillards of Artois - The Metre Gauge Railways and Tramways of the ...

Tramways a Vapeur du Tarn: A 60cm Railway in South-West France

Old Bulawayo

Conflict in the Colonies East Africa and the First World War