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Edward Thompson of the LNER

Through the Ranks on the Southern - A Career in the Nationalised Rail...

Tortillards of Artois - The Metre Gauge Railways and Tramways of the ...

Under 10 CMEs - Volume One: Dugald Drummond to W. A. Stanier, 1912-1944

Under 10 CMEs - Volume Two: C. E. Fairburn to J. F. Harrison, 1944-1959

The Vale of Glamorgan Railway

Warwickshires Lime and Cement Works Railways

The Waterford and Limerick Railway

The Waterloo and City Railway

The Great North of Scotland Railway - A New History

The Lothians Last Days of Colliery Steam

The Lost Railways of Essex

Glamorgans Lost Railways

The Lost Railways of Yorkshires West Riding: The Central Section Brad...

The Lost Railways of Yorkshires West Riding: Harrogate and the North