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Rails to Newquay - Railways, Tramways, Town, Transport

Rails to Poole Harbour

Rails to Turnberry and the Heads of Ayr - The Maidens and Dunure Ligh...

The Railways of Stourbridge

The Railways of Upper Strathearn - Crieff-Balquhidder

Sir Vincent Raven and the North Eastern Railway

The Redditch and Evesham Line - The story of the line from Barnt Gree...

Reseau Breton - A Rail Network in Brittany

Return from Dunkirk - Railways to the Rescue - Operation Dynamo (1940)

The Ross, Monmouth and Pontypool Road Line

Saga by Rail: Great Britain and the Isle of Man

Saga by Rail: Ireland

The St Andrews Railway

St Johns Lewisham - 50 Years On, Restoring Traffic

The Scottish Central Railway - Perth to Stirling