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Luton Minor, The Post-war revival of amateur built aircraft being the...

British Light Aviation – A Shifting Emphasis: Volume One

British Light Aviation – A Shifting Emphasis: Volume Two

A Century of British Aeroplanes in old photographs

Channel Islands Aviation History – From the Dawn of Flight to the Sec...

Wings over India

County of Kent Squadrons Nos. 131 and 500

Wings over Karachi

Royal Air Force Fighting Biplanes - A Pictorial History of Front-Line...

Flying in Post-War Skies - Private Club Aviation 1946-1980

The Stirling Bomber

A History of British Waterplanes - Flying Boats, Seaplanes and Amphib...

British Post-War Airliners - An A to Z of UK Aircraft 1945-2000

Hovercraft - The Story of a Very British Invention

Sir Sydney Camm - From Biplanes and Hurricanes to Harriers