Stenlake Publishing - Carluke <i>Then and Now</i>

Carluke Then and Now

Author : Raymond Hood
ISBN : 9781840338621
Cover : paperback
Price : £12.95

‘Nae wee baw bags loitering or smashing things up in that picture. Looks like a fantastic read’ is how one local on social media has just summed up the book. Who says you can’t judge a book by its cover? And that’s the fun of these then and now books, nice old photos of our rose-tinted past compared side by side with the view today from the same viewpoint. Better or worse? You be the judge. The book includes the Crown Hotel (now flats), The Fever Hospital (now flattened), the Market Square (changed but recognisable), the Low Mill (unrecognisable and it’s gone down the Swannee), the Market Place School (replaced by High Mill Primary), the Good Templars’ Hall (now Street Level), Stewart Street, the Old or High Mill, Chapel Street and many more. Unlike Google Streetview we don’t blank out car registrations so if you have been up to something you shouldn’t in Carluke we have plenty of copies in stock…

Carluke Then and Now

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