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A Century of British Aeroplanes in old photographs

Author : Arthur W. J. G. Ord-Hume
ISBN : 9781840339338
Cover : paperback
Price : £24.95

Typically, by the time he has reached the preface the author has already back-pedalled about the title and whether it really does describe what’s in this paper tin. We can forgive him this as he’s very old and was involved with aviation from the 1930s and by the early 1950s was building his own plane, but that’s another story. So what we have here is really looking at British aeroplanes in the 20th century, except that some of them despite not being British have been included as they are interesting and have associations with Britain. Think of this book as a curated and highly annotated collection of photographs that the author has compiled to illustrate how aviation has developed over the last hundred years. The book is jam-packed with over 300 photos all accompanied by lengthy detailed captions.

A Century of British Aeroplanes in old photographs
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