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1000 Years of Scottish Churches: Churches from before the Reformation to 1700

Author : John R Hume
ISBN : 9781840337624
Cover : paperback
Price : £12.95

The author is former Chief Inspector of Historic Buildings at Historic Scotland, academic and author of many books on Scottish architecture and industrial history published over the last decade. Furthermore, he was and is a photographer par excellence and he has been recording buildings and structures and industrial archaeology since the 1960s. This series of six volumes using his own photographs, in black and white and in colour, evolved from a lecture given in 2014 for the Scotland’s Churches Trust. Apart from ‘a handful’ that ‘ought to be here’ this is a personal selection of churches that the author describes as having ‘a particular meaning to me’ and as a ‘love-letter to the Church Universal’. Of course these words are deceptive in the nicest possible way as the author is possibly the most humble expert extant. These books do so much more than he implies and are arranged chronologically and by epoch. The six books combined comprise of 576 photographs in total.

The first of the six volumes of this series essentially begins in the 11th century with structures such as the round tower at Brechin and the round church at Orphir on Orkney. Included are parish churches, abbeys, cathedrals and towers. Just flicking through the book is helpful in showing the different shapes and structure of church architecture in this period which mainly covers the pre-Reformation period although at the tail end of the book a couple of early Presbyterian churches are shown. Each photo in the book is accompanied by two or three sentences of text outlining when built, features/characteristics.

1000 Years of Scottish Churches: Churches from before the Reformation to 1700
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