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Stenlake Publishing - Dundee Royal Infirmary: a history in old photographs

Dundee Royal Infirmary: a history in old photographs

Author : Graham Lowe
ISBN : 9781840338232
Cover : paperback
Price : £10.95

The hospital, mainly known as the DRI, existed for 200 years, from 1798 until 1998. Its last 25 years were in conjunction with Ninewells until this was no longer practical and it closed for good. Along the lines of a Stenlake old towns book, but with some of the photographs and illustrations in full colour, this illustrated history tells the story of the DRI. As well as photographs of buildings, wards, doctors, nurses and patients, there is also a strong focus on how medicine developed from the early days (don’t look at page 5 if you are squeamish) and how the equipment developed from nasty looking sharp things and primitive stethoscopes through to high-tech things like CAT scanners. There are some great photos included from the 40s, 50s and 60s of staff at work and the book also features notable personalities such as Ken Lowe and Dr J.F. Riley. Although the book is about this hospital in particular the author is a former Consultant and is Honorary Curator of Tayside Medical History Museum and he has produced a book that will be interesting to medical staff (but not patients we don’t think!) all over Scotland.

Dundee Royal Infirmary: a history in old photographs