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Gabriele Koch – Hand building and smoke firing

Author : Tony Birks

ISBN : 9781840334708
Cover : hardback
Price : £19.95

What is it about some art that makes the heart leap? In the case of pots by Gabriele Koch it is not just the careful making process based on years of skill. It is not even the form, however original and refined. It is not just the beauty of the surface with its marriage of clay body, burnished slips and smoke. In her work we find the passion and intensity that lies beyond skill and experience. Tony Birks collaborates here with the potter herself to produce a book which documents over a quarter of a century of pot making, demonstrating what he himself calls the “continuous slow and purposeful development” which makes her process so unique. With an introduction by Sir David Attenborough.

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Gabriele Koch – Hand building and smoke firing£19.95 
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