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The Blackburn - Dumbarton’s Aircraft Factory

Author : Alan M Sherry

ISBN : 9781872074825
Cover : paperback
Price : £9.00

A comprehensive history of the Blackburn Aircraft Company in Dumbarton. Drawing on the memories of some of the people who worked at the factory and containing a spectacular collection of aviation photographs, many from private collections, this book traces the fortunes of the factory from it's beginnings in 1937 through the war years until its final days in 1961. A gem of a book for aviation enthusiasts and local historians alike. Photographs include the Blackburn Bothas under construction and in flight, a Sunderland at Helensburgh, Robert Blackburn's first aeroplane, the Hartfield training depot, the Barge Park factory, pictures of the girls who kept production going during the war, the Blackburn factory home guard, the Blackburn Shark, built at the Clyde factory and many more.

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The Blackburn - Dumbarton’s Aircraft Factory £9.00 
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