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Old Bowling Duntocher Hardgate Milton and Old Kilpatrick

Author : John Hood

ISBN : 9781840333190
Cover : paperback
Price : £7.99

Each of these five villages has ancient origins, although it wasn't until after the eighteenth century that they really developed as industrial centres, exploiting the various sources of water power that were available. The many fast-flowing burns were ideal for mills, nailworks, forges, bleaching works and other types of industry, and Bowling was ideally situated at the western end of the Forth & Clyde Canal to specialise in ship building and repair. Of course, most of these industries are gone now, but this collection of 56 photographs from the first half of the twentieth century recalls the latter days of prosperity. In addition to a wealth of street scenes, among the many long-gone sights included are the Old Kilpatrick ferry, the fully operational Bowling Railway Station, and Bowling Harbour packed with steamships.

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Old Bowling Duntocher Hardgate Milton and Old Kilpatrick£7.99 
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