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Old Greenock

Author : Joy Monteith

ISBN : 9781840333145
Cover : paperback
Price : £13.95

Old Greenock features a stunning collection of 170 photographs showcasing the town's historic past. There are fascinating glimpses of areas where overcrowding in the early twentieth century gave rise to living conditions unimaginable today. These neighbourhoods were swept away by a series of redevelopments; just one example of how this historic town has changed during its relatively short existence. Well-remembered local businesses such as Shannons and Mackays are also pictured, along with sobering images of the aftermath of the Blitz and pictures of Greenock's legendary docks highlighting its shipbuilding heritage. Joy Monteith has written an engrossing narrative to accompany the pictures, making this book a must for anyone who has any connection with Greenock past or present.

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Old Greenock£13.95 
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