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THE CALEDONIAN, Scotland’s Imperial Railway.
A History

Author : David Ross

ISBN : 9781840335842

Cover : hardback

We believe this will become the definitive book about this famous railway and its history. It is the first full history of the Caledonian Railway ever to be published. Based on original source documents and contemporary newspapers and journals and fully referenced, it traces its development, through troubles both legal and commercial, as an operating railway and a business with its own distinctive style. Profusely illustrated, it is an essential book not only for those with an interest in the old railway companies and their often tumultuous relationships with each other, but for the light it sheds on Scottish society and commerce during the long high noon of industrialisation and growth. This is a sumptuous, beautifully illustrated, hardbound volume stuffed with facts and information no railway enthusiast can afford to be without. Charting, as it does, the impact a single transport endeavour can have on the communities through which it passes and the industry which springs up in its wake, it is also of major interest to historians, archaeologists, sociologists and anyone who finds the industrial heritage of the British Isles of interest. The book is also a work of art in itself.

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