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Lucky for Some – Titanic's Lifeboat 13 and its Passengers

Author : John Balls

ISBN : 9781840335903

Cover : paperback

One more insightful volume in Stenlake Publishing's swiftly growing Titanic collection. Lucky for Some is a compelling compilation of stories collected from the fortunate passengers able to board a single lifeboat successfully launched from the doomed ship. Lifeboat number 13 eventually made it to the rescue ship Carpathia and safety on that fateful day. This collection includes individual stories from a total of 42 souls who managed to secure a place aboard lifeboat number 13. There are contributions from British, Irish, American and other nationalities. There are also accounts from a few members of the Titanic's enormous crew who also found space aboard the tiny boat. Number 13 was one of the more durable of Titanic's relatively few lifeboats unlike the collapsible kind which were also aboard, some of which failed to launch successfully when most needed. The book also includes contemporary reports and post event analysis of some of the problems encountered with the lifeboats themselves and difficulties with their deployment during the emergency.

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