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Stenlake Publishing - Old Norwich

Old Norwich

Author : Michael Chandler
ISBN : 9781840336139
Cover : paperback
Price : £16.00

Norwich is one of the most ancient towns in the British Isles with a wealth of archeological material in the area surrounding the town. Taking its name from the Anglo Saxon Northwic, by the tenth century it boasted its own mint for coinage and was one of the largest mercantile towns in England by the time of the Norman Conquest. The Doomsday book records it as having twenty-five churches and a population of between five and ten thousand! The photography in this volume does justice to the ancient medieval town and more modern developments as does the excellent and informative writing of Michael Chandler. His detailed research provides us such gems as: When Blazeby’s yard and Jay’s court on Bethal Street in the ancient town were demolished in the 1930’s to make way for a smart new fire station, hidey holes containing Civil War period ammunitions caches were discovered!

Old Norwich