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Stenlake Publishing - Old Loanhead

Old Loanhead

Author : Craig Statham
ISBN : 9781840332605
Cover : paperback
Price : £7.50

At one time Loanhead was a thriving, distinct and self-sufficient community, with a local industry revolving around coal mining and steel production. Today, much of the industry is gone, but the village is still growing as a dormitory of Edinburgh. This collection of fifty-seven period photographs, accompanied by a fascinating history, recalls Loanhead in its heyday, before the major reconstructions of the 1950s and '60s removed such landmarks as the gas works and the Picture House, and changed forever the High Street, Station Road and many other areas of the town. Local events are also featured, including many past Children's Gala Days, as well as the Diamond Jubilee of 1897, and there are all sorts of other curios: the cafe where Charles Forte started his career, the long-lost Coronation Fountain, the local 'black and white minstrels', and, not least, the Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds.

Old Loanhead